About Sonia

I’m Sonia Wright, MD.  I’m a practicing Radiologist and a Life Coach. Until recently, I had a dream in my heart but was not doing anything about it.  My demanding job and very busy life was draining all my energy.  On my 50th birthday, a thought hit me like a lightning bolt…I realized I only have one life to live and it was now or never.  Somehow over the years, I had stopped dreaming and had settled. I was going through the motions, working a demanding job, raising kids and basically zoning out on life.  I found myself living for the weekends and vacations.  I made a decision on that day to live every day with passion and joy.  I realized my life was not over; it had barely just begun. I fell back in love with my life as I set new goals and took massive action to accomplish these goals.  I started volunteering, I obtained my training as life coach and I lost weight.  I started coaching other doctors and people who wanted to find their life passion and accomplish their goals.


Through it all, I discovered it’s not about leading an easy life. It’s about creating a meaningful life by setting goals, finding your life passion and living.

I would love to accompany you on your own journey of discovery!

Let’s figure out how I can help!

What’s in a name? Why Hopewell…

I chose the name Hopewell as a thank you to my parents and to honor their commitment to achieving their dreams. My parents are from the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Jamaica. In the early 1960’s, as teenagers, they left their families, boarded a large ship and immigrated to a new country to train as nurses. Alone in this new country, they sacrificed and endured hardship to receive an education. They immigrated an additional two times in order to give their children a better future. Hopewell is a settlement and fishing village in Jamaica. But to me the name “Hopewell” also means working hard, staying focused and accomplishing your dreams no matter what.