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Today I want to share a new concept with you that I recently learned about called Buffering. This concept has revolutionized the way I look at my daily activities!

Buffering is what we do when we use external things to avoid, dampen or block how we feel emotionally.

We hide from negative emotions and our responsibilities by distracting ourselves. We don’t want to face the truth about our lives, so we….

Overeat or overdrink
Excessively shop online or in stores
Watch tv or binge on Netflix series
Maybe we cruise the internet or Facebook for hours at a time

However we choose to distract ourselves, we just need to realize that we are actually engaging in buffering.

Our favorite buffering activities are the ones that result in concentrated pleasure for us. The dopamine response that our brains receives from engaging in these activities is very intense. Buffering keeps giving us pleasure again and again, making it difficult to break the buffering cycle. However, these false pleasures distract us so much that they keep us from really experiencing our true lives. We are meant to experience every aspect of our lives…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Giving up these false pleasures allows us to feel and experience the REAL pleasures of life. Stopping overeating or overdrinking allows our mind to be more alert and our bodies to be healthier. Discontinuing excessive shopping allows us to save money for real experiences such as travel. Or maybe we just experience a sense of peace because we know we can pay our bills.

I’m challenging you all to look at your day to day activities and notice where, when and how you are zoning out. Where does Buffering show up in your life?

Up next…The price that must be paid to stop Buffering…

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